We have four vexing problems that test our rule of law and our safety. Immigration, out of control Medicaid, healthcare cost and the opioid crisis.




Governments do not create jobs, but by freeing businesses from high taxes, red tape and regulations, good paying jobs quickly follow. Our district in Ohio is primed for more manufacturing and farming jobs driven by today's technologies. With ample land, a reasonable cost of living and graduates from the best vocational schools in the country, there is no reason why we should not be able to attract new factories and make it easier for local companies to expand. Factories and Farms are our future.


Taxes must be low for families and businesses to succeed. Cut spending, balance the budget and significantly lower taxes across the board. I will never vote for a tax increase, nor a spending bill that adds to the national debt. As an architect and business owner, I know a faithfully adhered to budget is required for success, whether it be a private company or our nation.


The political establishment does not trust individuals to make decisions on their own. I believe each American should have more control over their lives. Power should reside with the individual citizen, not the government. Returning power to the people by disempowering Washington results in the greatest freedom for all.


The strength of our economy is directly dependent upon the education we provide. School choice and local control are the only options. Vocational training must be on an equal footing with college prep.


Protect the unborn and end abortions once and for all. Find real solutions to prevent infant mortality. Protect the family. Protect those who cannot defend themselves.


Protect and preserve the right to defend yourself and your family. Eliminate gun registries. Allow state reciprocity, and above all, do not punish law-abiding citizens. The Constitution should be the litmus test for every bill that passes through Congress.
daca._360x139.jpg The DACA immigration program should have never happened, but its too late to prevent what is done. The solution resides not in amnesty, but in personal accountability and follow through by the children of those who brought them here. They should start at the back of the line and prove their intentions by securing a work visa and achieving citizenship in a timely manner, or accept the consequences.


medicaid_360x139.jpg Medicaid is at its core was created to improve healthcare and was closely tied to the war on poverty. Creating good paying jobs is indeed a solution to permanently reducing the number of recipients, especially among young and healthy Ohioans. Social Security, on the other hand, must be protected and made solvent once again.


obamacare_360x170.jpg Obamacare must be repealed. Health insurance cost will drop dramatically under a free and competitive market. I am a leukemia survivor, so I've seen healthcare through the eyes of a cancer patient. I had a good insurance policy, but still struggled through far more red tape and bureaucratic obstacles than I thought possible. I struggled to keep my business afloat and to pay taxes while I was ill. When a single health problem like this nearly bankrupts someone like me, who has a group of successful businesses and financial reserves, it is no surprise that so many middle class Americans end up on government assistance, never able to recover, forever losing their grip on the American dream.


opiod_epidemic_360x139.jpg There is no single solution for the opioid epidemic, but there are many treatment options that need reliable funding. There is an immediate need for more support services for families and caregivers who can be most effective if supported through education and peer programs. Faith based programs, some of the most successful, need support and encouragement.



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