• Pat Manley is an architect and businessman, not a politician. He is a true Citizen Candidate.

  • We have very smart, creative people in our district, who are often ignored by Congress.

  • Too often American citizens are excluded from decision-making in Washington.

  • Pat Manley does not have a war chest full of cash. His war chest is filled with principles.

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"Ohio's 12th district is mostly rural, small town America characterized by Beautiful historic downtowns, family farms and former manufacturing buildings. Washington calls us "fly over country." I reject this. We are the center of America's heartland and deserve the best schools, the most thriving businesses and highest paying jobs this country has to offer." 

-Pat Manley, Candidate for U.S. Congress



Pat Manley is an architect and a businessman, not a politician. A true citizen candidate with the real world experience to represent the citizens in Ohio's 12th congressional district. He is a constitutional and fiscal conservative. He believes the U.S. constitution should be the litmus test for every bill passed in Congress. He believes Washington should live by the same rules by which Americans do. Pat Manley understands that our future depends on factories and farms and the advanced technology that drives each. He understands that free trade policies, a balanced budget and fewer regulations are a necessary component. Pat supports policies that are best for the district, not best for Washington.

Voters are increasingly electing new candidates from the private sector who share similar beliefs and recognize that experience outside of elected office is the best qualification and exactly what this country needs.


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